Treasure Hunt is a room escape transferred from a room to the territory of a city.

On your mobile phones you will solve various puzzles, logical and mathematical tasks, take pictures and record, everything through the application, but you will also get acquainted with the desired city.

The theme of the game may be different.

How does everything work?

  • When you deposit money into our account, you will receive an email with a username and password to log in to the application.
  • Click Start and the game can begin.
  • In case of acceptance of the option for the application to use the camera, there is a possibility of archiving photos on the platform.

We will award the fastest contestants once a year, and you will be able to follow the list on Gallery of celebrities on site.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. We want to play the game with 17 people, how many teams do we have to make?

You buy 1 token per team. We recommend creating teams of 2-5 people. This way everyone is involved in the game. With 17 people you make 4 teams or more, so you buy 4 token in total. * token = one game activation

2. We have bought 2 or more tickets, how does this work?You have received different login details for each team. So per team 1 person logs in, and the game is played on that person’s smartphone.

  1. If we play the game with 3 teams, how do we know when we have won?

The site will feature a Celebrity Gallery where the results of all participating teams will be displayed. Here you can keep track of how you are progressing in the annual raffle. Results appear within 24 hours.

4.    Can we play Treasure Hunt in the weekend, on a public holiday or in the evenings?Yes, it can be played at any time of the day.

  1. We already known the city pretty well, will it be fun?

Yes of course! We went looking for the nicest more unknown places in the city. You also get a different view of the city during an Treasure Hunt. You will always come across something new and fun.

  1. What kind of questions and assignments can I expect?

You navigate through the city center using our app. The assignments along the way vary enormously, such logical and mathematical tasks, riddles, knowledge questions, photo assignments and recording. Something for everyone!

  1. Can I pause the game?

When you start the Treasure Hunt the clock starts ticking and you cannot stop anymore. There is no possibility to pause the game halfway.

  1. Can I open the game in another location?

No. You only start the game when you arrive at the location you received with the instruction email, because time starts flowing the moment you first start the game.

  1. Is the game timed and, if so, what happens when time runs out?

The game is limited in time. The goal is to solve all the tasks in a certain time, and if your time runs out, the game ends.

  1. Can we choose a theme that is not in offer and tailor our game to that theme?

Sure, but you need to contact us a few days in advance. Our creative team will do their best to fulfill all your requirements.

  1. Can we play without the internet?

Yes, you can, but you need to have the internet at the beginning when downloading the app and starting the game.

  1. Can the game continue if the phone is shut down due to a low battery?

It can, but time does not stop running, so it is better not to start the game without recharging the battery.

  1. Will we get all the pictures and recordings we made after the game is over?

All pictures and recordings remain only on your phones.

  1. Can I play at any time of the day?

Yes, you decide when you play. You play on your phone and there are no instructors present, as it is enough to follow the instructions given by email to start the game.

  1. Is this game also suitable for exploring the city?

Yes, we always try to choose the parts of the city that are most interesting and present them to you through interactive play.