In the fresh air

1,800.00 RSD

Participants in this program move outside and activate tasks by crossing a certain distance. The task will be activated by activating the odometer.

Your task is to climb 20 mountains around the world whose locations you see on the map!

Of course, you won't really climb these mountains, but you will move outside and get one task every 100-200 meters and reach the top of a mountain.

To climb up to 20 mountain peaks you will need about 2-3km of walking.

How many mountain peaks can you climb?

How many points can you score?

The correct answers and the time for which they are provided ill be counted.


Delivery Policy

Immediately after purchasing this game, you will recieve a email with login and password needed for login to our game. You will be also provided with app download link (Google Play, Appstore).

If you have any questions you can contact us here:

ili pozivom na broj: +381 69 123 0 455

Refund Policy


Treasurehunt Serbia offers a 30 – day money back guarantee, if the login credentials for the game haven’t been used (if you didn’t login to application and started the game).

Refund rate depends on banking transaction fee.

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If you have any questions you can contact us here:

ili pozovite broj: +381 69 123 0 455